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LinkedIn – Why connect?

Written by Rachel Tombs

11th July, 2017

Clerksroom blog LinkedIn

A guest blog from Stephen Ward from Clerksroom who recently attended one of my LinkedIn training courses.

I suspect most people on LinkedIn simply don’t know how to use it to generate new instructions. I was the same until I went on a LinkedIn training course recently run by Rachel Tombs at Links2Leads. I’ve told many people since going on the course that it has changed my life. I hear you laugh….. I would have laughed too before I went on the course but let me explain why it really has changed my life.

I was not aware of the power of LinkedIn, the number of people using the site, the easier way to do social media, the basic functionality and the volume of basic contact information available if you know where to look. Start with settings. Go in and turn off all of the reminders you don’t want. Explore the search bar on the top right and google “Boolean” search terms. (Boolean is also used by Google so you can use a Boolean search in google search box too – it’s amazing).

When you learn your way around LinkedIn, understand how to post, share and like, then master the search strings and advanced search options, you can refine and find some amazing people. Always connect using a personal message, it makes a huge difference.

Now, look at your profile. Bear in mind someone might look at it on a mobile, iPad or desktop and they see different amounts of text in each view. Make sure the key text under your name tells people why they should connect with you. If they don’t want to, that’s fine. This is my profile on desktop/laptop.

Desktop profile for Stephen Ward
This is the same image on mobile.

Stephen Ward Clerksroom LinkedIn Profile on mobile

If you can gain interest in your profile and connect with the most likely people to use your service, you can follow it up with articles that will hopefully interest your connections. Coupled to the ability to search in a very targeted way, the power of LinkedIn becomes obvious. And it’s free!

So how has this all changed my life? Well, I now spend an hour a day in the morning when I’m having my coffee and make time for LinkedIn. The volume of work now coming directly from my LinkedIn connections is stunning and my marketing budget is zero, other than the time. Learning how to develop your own strategy takes time and energy but in my experience, it will very worthwhile and I’d recommend doing a course through someone like Rachel at Orion Legal Marketing(I’m not on commission by the way).

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