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Sterling De Zuc Case Study

“I knew right from the start that I was onto a good thing with Orion Legal Marketing. They were so responsive and helpful, coming at things from a commercial perspective and with an honest desire to help me succeed. I really benefited from their direction.”

Sterling De Zuk



Leading lawyer Mark Thomson needed help positioning his new law firm and creating marketing materials that were memorable and engaging.


“Before approaching Orion Legal Marketing, I had used another marketing agency to create a website for me and now I thought I needed business cards and collateral to go with it, to help launch Sterling de Zuk.

When I approached Rachel, she pulled me up straightaway and said I needed to get the fundamentals of my website in place first. Whilst it might have looked good, my positioning was unclear, and I needed to make sure all my messaging was consistent so that it resonated with my target market.

Having seen the website through independent and professional eyes, I could now see its flaws. I realised I had skipped some of the marketing basics and needed to get them sorted so that I had a strong base from which to grow my business. “


The Orion Legal Marketing team advised Mark on how he could differentiate his firm in a competitive market and leave a positive impression on potential clients.

This included key messaging encapsulating the firm’s identity and unique selling proposition such as the creation of the strapline “Empowering you. Divorce that protects your financial future.”

Orion Legal Marketing also reviewed the entire Sterling de Zuk website, advising on content, imagery, navigation and calls to action. The team identified numerous areas for improvement – from consistent brand messaging to new optimised content. Orion also advised on SRA compliance.

Orion also created new business cards for Mark and a banner for his LinkedIn page to extend his branding.


Mark needed a strong marketing position for when he launched to market, as this was his first chance to make a lasting and positive impression on new clients.

By helping Mark define his target market and ensuring the Sterling de Zuk website appealed to that demographic, we increased the chances of web-based leads. This included new website navigation, imagery, profile and service content.

Extending the brand to his LinkedIn profile and business cards also helped Mark create holistic and consistent messaging.

Sterling De Zuc Case Study

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