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Clayton Comments
The blog looks fantastic and is exactly what I had in mind. It works so well in combination with my LinkedIn posts which frequently get over 3000 views. Orion Legal Marketing have given me the digital tools I need to spread awareness of my work and engage with my global network.
Richard Clayton QC



QC Richard Clayton needed a digital platform on which he could showcase his work whilst keeping in touch with his network of contacts throughout the world.


QC Richard Clayton’s work is international in nature and when the pandemic hit, he knew he needed new ways to market effectively. He felt that in order to showcase his expertise and thoughts on legal issues in public, constitutional and commercial law an online blog would be a good platform.

Richard asked around for people who understood both legal and digital and was recommended Orion Legal Marketing. He says he ‘had an obsession’ that whatever was created, it had to be visually striking and not look dull and text-heavy like so many legal blogs out there.


When Orion Legal Marketing began the project, they showed Richard several blog styles and designs that he could choose from that met his brief. Once a template was agreed the Orion Legal Marketing team built the site, sourced the visuals, and populated the blog with over 40 papers so that there was a categorised collection of articles that went back to 2002, ready for launch.

The blog launched in April 2021.


Now that the blog is live, as Richard Clayton publishes new material Orion Legal Marketing help him post his blogs on the site and promote them via LinkedIn on an ongoing basis. This has proven to be a very effective online networking tool, with views of Richard’s LinkedIn posts increasing over 4-fold since the blog was launched and he now has over 4000 followers on LinkedIn.

Orion Legal Marketing have also assisted Richard with LinkedIn outreach programmes to help generate engagement with his growing international network and raise awareness of his activities.

Clayton Comments

The result is great. The blog looks fantastic and is exactly what I had in mind. It works so well in combination with LinkedIn posts which frequently get over 3000 views.

“My digital marketing campaign may have been born from the pandemic but it is something I will continue in the long term as it has proven successful. The Orion Legal Marketing team are always quick to respond and support me in my marketing endeavours.

Richard Clayton QC

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