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“Rachel is a consummate professional with a wealth of knowledge in the legal sector. As a client, I cannot recommend Rachel highly enough. She always goes the extra mile and has helped us out at short notice many times. Rachel cares about her clients and is an expert in her field. It is always a pleasure to work with Rachel, with great results for our business being achieved.”

Rita Leat

Institute of Paralegals





When Rita Leat cofounded the Institute of Paralegals (IoP) and then went on to create the Professional Paralegal Register (PPR) and The National Paralegal Awards (NPA), she was passionate about raising the profile of paralegals and giving them a voice in the legal sector. One of the ways she wanted to do this was to grow her social media presence to help communicate with paralegals and create a focus for collective engagement.


From the outset, the focus of the Orion Legal Marketing Social Media team was clear – we needed to leverage the power of social media to connect with the paralegal community. We did this by sharing valuable insights and promoting the services and events across IoP, PPR and NPA.

We worked hand in hand with Rita and her team to elevate the online presence and engage with the audience through regular posting, stories, engagement and offering support and advice. We were able to tailor our marketing efforts to align with their objectives and enhance the overall impact of our collaboration.

By sharing valuable insights, and daily engagement across all social media platforms, we were able to increase the total audience and foster a sense of community among followers.

To help Rita and her team monitor the performance of their social media activity, the Orion Legal Marketing team provided them with regular monthly detailed reports which monitored which social posts were performing the best, and the demographics of followers such as gender, age and location. These insights were reviewed and helped us plan ahead to ensure we were able to provide valuable content to assist with their growth.


In 2022, the social media channels of the IoP (Facebook, X/Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram) had a combined following of under 4000. In 2024, that following has grown by over 60% and is now at approximately 6500 – an increase of over 60%. The Professional Paralegal Register shared even greater growth with its combined following surging by over 80% to over 3000 followers. The National Paralegal Awards social platforms, whose engagement peaks around the time of the event, also grew to over 1500.

Mentions, engagement, and interactions across the platforms all increased. These social platforms were a live and responsive method of reaching out to the paralegal community.

The Orion Legal Marketing team are proud to have played a supporting role in the success story of the IoP, PPR and NPA, and enjoyed working alongside Rita and her team to establish a strong presence in the current digital landscape.

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