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Do I Need to Invest in a New Website?

Written by Rachel Tombs

31st January, 2019

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When it comes to investing in a new legal website there’s no right or wrong answer, as it’s different for every business. It’s impossible to give a specific time frame for when you should think about getting a new law firm website, as a lot of it depends on the current website. If you have a bespoke website that’s often updated by a digital marketing expert, you probably don’t need to invest in a new website quite as often as a firm with a more basic website. If you have a high quality website that’s drawing in a tonne of online traffic, you probably don’t need to invest in a new website quite as often as a firm that’s struggling to achieve success online. However, there are some clear signs to look out for.

3 Signs You Need a New Law Firm Website

  • Your Website is Not Responsive – If your website is not responsive, it’s vital that things are changed. A responsive website will change how it displays information depending on the screen that it is being viewed on, meaning that those on a mobile device will see a version of the website that’s a lot easier to use. If your website is not responsive, users are unlikely to have a good user experience.
  • You Have a High Bounce Rate – Bounce rate refers to the number of people that click on the website only to leave quickly after and it should be avoided. A high bounce rate can negatively affect your search engine rankings and it may result in potential clients heading elsewhere. It can be caused by a lot of different things, but a confusing or poor quality website are often to blame.
  • Your Branding Doesn’t Match – A lot of law firms regularly update their branding, as it helps with keeping things up to date and modern. However, some forget to ensure that their website matches. If your branding doesn’t match across the board, it could be time for a new website. Branding is a huge marketing tool and its key that some sort of brand identity is created.

It’s important to remember that a legal website is a great marketing tool, one that can make a huge difference to your success online. Investing in a new website could be the big push that your law firm needs.

To find out more about whether or not it is time you invested in a new website for your law firm, then please call us on 0118 380 5980 or email and we will be happy to help you.

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