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5 changes to make to your legal website to attract more enquiries

Written by Rachel Tombs

4th November, 2021

If you are a lawyer, barrister, mediator or other legal industry expert, your website is a vital link to potential clients. All too often however, this crucial foundation to your marketing is ignored once it is in place.

To ensure it performs well in searches and that it keeps readers engaged, it is crucial to make changes and updates regularly. We look at five areas to focus on.

1.     Page experience

It is essential that users can easily move around your site and that pages are linked in an obvious way. Over time, the layout of your site may need looking at, as more content is added and your business’s priorities change.

Check that your home page is still relevant and focusing on the right areas of your practice and that every page you have added has a clear call to action and an easily clickable contact link.

Pages that people will want to access regularly, such as pricing and lawyer profiles, should be simple to find.

2.     Content

One of the best ways to rank well in searches is to ensure good quality, bespoke content is being added regularly. Make sure that your content is well organised, so that visitors to your site can browse by category, and that you have a regular schedule for adding more. Older content should be updated to ensure it is still accurate and relevant.

Google has confirmed the importance of great content, with a clear and easy to use website boosting the power of this, saying: “While page experience is important, Google still seeks to rank pages with the best information overall, even if the page experience is subpar. Great page experience doesn’t override having great page content. However, in cases where there are many pages that may be similar in relevance, page experience can be much more important for visibility in Search.”

3.     Consider a new design

A new website design will instantly refresh your brand and gives you the opportunity to consider exactly how you want your business to be portrayed. More than giving an obvious better client experience however, it also means that you can ensure that your site loads quickly, is mobile-friendly and is optimised for search engines, all points that will push your organisation higher in search results.

New design does not mean you need entirely new content, it is a simple way of changing the appearance and speed of your website while retaining the content you have been building.

4.     Include videos

Videos are a great way to reach clients, allowing your key personnel to speak directly to them to address their concerns and demonstrate how they can solve their problems. People like to connect to other people, rather than simply a faceless firm, and seeing your lawyers speaking will really help to get across your firm’s personality.

It can also demonstrate your expertise, show that you are friendly and approachable and help to build trust with potential clients. You can add a video to your home page and service pages explaining what you do, and you could also consider videos explaining issues of concern to clients, such as the importance of having a Will or how child arrangements are dealt with by the legal system.

5.     Testimonials

Research has shown that when people see impactful testimonials, they are more likely to choose the brand mentioned. Make sure you add to your testimonials regularly and that they are easy to find. You can add one or two to relevant pages so that potential clients can see what you have done for people in similar situations and envisage what you can do to help them. You can also categorise your testimonials so that clients can see what people have said about your lawyers in a particular area of expertise.

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Maximising the efficiency of your website so that it attracts your ideal client is important. At Orion Legal Marketing we can make sure every aspect of your site is right, from branding and design to unique content.

If you would like to discuss updating or reviewing your website, ring us on 0118 380 5980, email us at or fill in our CONTACT FORM. We’ll be happy to offer you an initial free consultation to discuss your needs and the strategy that would best suit your business.

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